Group, leader in extruded aluminium

The industrial group is currently one of the most important realities in the field of aluminum extrusion in Italy.



We played a part in the history of extrusion in Italy. We have been in continuous growth since 1973, the year we opened our first factory in Tuscany. Today the Group is of national and international importance for its organisation, its productive capacity and the quality of its products.

We design and create extruded aluminium products for the industrial and construction sectors, following the entire cycle of production from raw material to fusion, extrusion, finish and distribution. One sole interlocutor, one thriving Group in continuous growth, always ready to renew and develop the products it has to offer.

Our activities are conducted on the basis of strict internal regulations and are certified in line with international quality standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14000. We have seven manufacturing sites and thirteen distribution centres throughout Italy and overseas. Our annual production is around 80 thousand tons of extruded aluminium. The Group employs over 600 persons and its turnover exceeds 150 million euro a year.